Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Commander Yellow-Stripe

Not much time for blogging the next couple days due to real-life committments. If you're new to my stuff, please feel free to hit the archives and look around.

In the meantime, I couldn't let this pass without comment:

"President Bush urged Iraqis to defy terrorists and vote in Sunday's election and sought patience from anxious Americans as a Marine helicopter crash pushed the U.S. death toll above 1,400.
"The story today is going to be very discouraging to the American people," Bush said on the deadliest day for U.S. forces since the Iraq war began. "I understand that. It is the long-term objective that is vital -- that is to spread freedom." To the Iraqis who face daily attacks from insurgents, he said: "Clearly, there are some who are intimidated. I urge people to vote. I urge people to defy these terrorists."
He's so fucking cavalier with other people's lives, isn't he? Sitting up there on his peacock-throne, traveling in his impermeable bubble across America, speaking to hand-picked friendly crowds, feet oblingingly offered wooden planks to walk across rather than having to touch profane ground, sycophants warned not to look directly at His Nibs on pain of Secret Service wrath. Oh, yes, the man is a paragon of bravery and courage. The very person to be assuring his bereaved subjects to suck it up as a sacrifice to the neo-con dream, and to encourage a people in a land thousands of safe miles away to risk death or worse in the pursuit of his pet project.

This is your modern Republican party. Are you proud, you who enabled him a second chance at the ruination of the republic? Are you satisfied? Can you hold your head up as you drive to WalMart and undercut the local unionized supermarket workers for a few cents off on your pork rinds and frozen pizzas? Would you follow this pitiful excuse for a man into battle, this craven, hollow coward who never demurred to use his unearned privilege to smooth his own path and escape the things he didn't want to do. You Lazy-Boy warriors. How full your hearts must be today, to watch your leader so valiantly ante up even more human lives on the altar of his egomaniacal obbessession.

Via the always amenable NYTimes.

Update: The triumph of incompetence over better judgement.
Condi's in.


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