Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Today's the Day

The American Street is carrying my inaugural posts here, and here, today. Again, I thank Kevin Hayden and all of you who take an interest in my writing enough to care.

Elsewhere, Dick Cheney is decked out in his best trademark sneer in a 3-page piece at The NYTimes where he is threatening to wreak even more havoc than Junior himself has promised. Why do we keep letting old white men with no stake in the next 50 years keep trying to fuck up our kids' futures?

Update: Well, thanks for visiting, those of you who saw me for the first time today, and those who have been repeat customers, too. It's an odd feeling, getting hits without much feedback; like feeling the ocean lap at your feet as you sit alone in the sand. You know you're being touched by something too huge to be fully comprehended, too impersonal to care about you, but it draws you in and makes you feel one with it anyhow. Wasn't it Freud who coined the term "oceanic feeling"?

Knowing there are times when I'm getting more traffic makes me more self-conscious about my writing, and it gets a little harder to speak honestly when I let myself think about how it will be received. This is not good. I expect it will pass when fame and fortune continue to elude me. Until then, I vow to seek anonymity at all costs. To write for myself only. To remember that I started doing this to blow off steam. To have grandiose daydreams that will guarantee my obscurity. And when February rolls around, to reward my dieting ass with a few stiff drinks and some chocolate.



Rob said...

Sorry you didn't get any feedback. Allegedly Tuesday is the most productive day of the week; perhaps this explains it...or maybe people were too gobsmacked by Rice's self-serving, smarmy testimony to type.

jazzfest said...

1st time visit for me. Love your title. Lincoln's second inagural address got a lot of air play today -- somehow I don't think W's will reach such heights.

rysolag said...


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