Tuesday, January 25, 2005


David Brooks discovers social inequity, and suggests Bush mention it.

Tim Roemer and the new Democratic movement to jettison abortion rights. I understand the need to be inclusive of those who have problems with abortion, but an anti-choice head of the DNC? Dean looks more viable all the time, especially since Florida threw its weight behind him.

Brian Whittaker at The Guardian notes the new marriage of Christian and Islamic fundamentalists to bully their "family values" agendas through at the UN. Their goals? The usual: oppression of women's rights and family planning, persecution of gays, social regression, blah blah blah. And who said we couldn't win Muslim hearts and minds? All we need is that common ground of religions everywhere: intolerance.

And speaking of social inequities, The Village Voice's Anya Kemenetz provides some insight into the cannon fodder database that is the No Child Left Behind Act, and what poor kids are trying to do about it.

Check me out later at The American Street, where my ravings will no doubt be lengthier, and I'll have an update to my last entry on Arnold the Barbarian,

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