Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The Usual Suspects

Baghdad's governor was assassinated this morning. The attacks become higher profile as time goes by, and the green zone provides less and less protection. Didn't they say all this was going to die down after the (cough, ahem) "transfer of sovereignty" in June? Now I wonder just what diffrence the so-called elections will make, so long as the U.S. maintains a presence there.

Meantime, our regime continues to consolidate power here on these purple prose plains---a plan to dig a big hole and throw into it forever the unconvicted, untried, unrepresented people that the gods in D.C. arbitrarily designate as "terrorists" . When I read this one I could hardly believe my eyes. Foolish me. I still thought there were limits to the evil that these men were capable of.

Good news for the anti-birth control crowd like Pharmacists for Life: women are losing their birth control and having more unintended pregnancies. Docs give a variety of theories for this, but they lay the blame specifically at the cost of it, the fact that it has become increasingly uncovered by insurance, and abstinence-only sex "education".

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Rob said...

Jeez. I was hoping that for just a few days into 2005, I might maintain a mildly positive outlook on the nature of the planet's denizens as a result of the Tsunami aid situation - even if the US government or the US generally played no role in this good mood. But here we are on the 4th, and it seems as if there's no pause to the moronic behaviour that our government, our media, and many of our fellow citizens can dish out.