Thursday, February 03, 2005

D.C. Limbo--How Low Can We Go?

100-DrRice-S161-31-th So first Condi's in, with a flourish of self-righteous dudgeon ("how dare you impugn my integrity when you know it's my clueless malleability that got me the job!")

spellings-100 Then Margaret Spelling hits the ground running with a plan to protect schoolkids from the very people who are raising them.

4054657 Now Gonzales rides the freedom wave in to the beachhead of racial diversity. (Read:"a Latino can be as big an asshole as anyone else, or, civil rights means never having to give people any!") A respectful nod to MALDEF, the Mexican American Legal Defense Fund, for not jumping on this bandwagon:
"...because of our specific concerns regarding apparent primacy of executive authority; a potential conflict of interest in the transition from Counsel to the President to Attorney General in enforcing the special counsel law; setting aside due process protections; and, uncertainty about whether inherent authority exists at the state and local level to enforce federal immigration policy, MALDEF cannot support his confirmation."
Nice job, my fellow Amurricans! And Social Security and Medicare may be just a few years away from the long, slow death being dispensed by those Borgias in Congress! You'll feel so righteous someday, warming yourself by the fire of your moral values while your kids go broke trying to make enough money at the local big box to keep you in statins and Depends.

ap_homeland_security_nominee_chertoff_11jan05_150 Now let's get Chertoff in there, and see if we can't re-open those internment camps. For everybody! In the name of diversity!

*Extra special shout-out to Arlen Specter and Rick Santorum, without whom the mighty Commonwealth of Pennsylvania might never have had the chance to become the drooling idiot sibling of the most populated states of the union.

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