Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Depends on Whose Life It Is

I'll be gone on work-related travel and may not be able to check in for a couple days. But I did want to note that Bushco, not content with having started one illegal war in the Mideast underpinned by a tissue of lying excuses, is casting about yet again for something to bomb.

Korea, having always looked too dangerous too approach (they might defend themselves!) is probably up for slow starvation now as the administration looks into sanctions. Remember all that drivel from Bush about how wrong it was that Kim Jong-Il was "starving his folks"? I guess it's ok if we do it, though. For humanitarian reasons.

Iran, easing their way toward some kind of accord with Western ideals through the influence of the internet on the massive number of young people there, isn't moving fast enough for Bush and Cheney, so sabers have been rattling their way now for some time.

And now Syria. Oh, Syria. Why not? We're already stretched too thin militarily, and keep digging ourselves into deeper and deeper debt, even without another war front. And anyway, it's not like the mass of Americans would have to sacrifice anything to take on another little country that can't defend itself against us. Certainly, given our laundered news media, we won't have to look the death and destruction in the face. And if it's all conducted via bombing missions, we can minimize even the deaths of our expendable troops!

So bring it on! This is the Culture of Life President! Remember?

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