Monday, February 21, 2005

Like Nothing You'll See Here

NPR's Day ToDay show did a fascinating piece Friday, the 18th, on the making of an upcoming British TV show, The Guantanamo Guidebook, in which one-time American interrogators subject volunteers to the same techniques suffered by real, live prisoners. And guess what? The subjects felt as if they were being tortured!

And, in more mundane, yet weirder news,
rodriguez Richard Rodriguez just did a piece on The News Hour
on the bisexuality (or was it gayness?) of
prod_657_s Abraham Lincoln, who evidently had a 4 year long affair with at least one young stripling. (Doubt they'll be rushing to re-print the textooks on this one.) What was even stranger was that Rodriguez himself was referring to his own gayness, and I, who watch this show all the time, knew nothing about it.

I really need to pay more attention.

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