Saturday, February 05, 2005

Eat the Poor. Again.

When I saw this over at Tapped, I had to follow the link to the site of the report, and then I had to tell someone. The post is at The American Street.

When will the people responsible for these decisions begin to feel some human emotion? How can we being some sense of shame to what they do?

Frankly I'm all out of ideas, and I'm beginning to think the American public has developed a kind of lifeboat mentality, where they're hanging on to the bits they've got with tooth and nail, and kicking wildly at the hands of any of those more misfortunates who are trying to haul themselves out of range of the circling sharks.

As Kid Creole sang, "Welcome to the Lifeboat Party!"

Not a bad name for the Republicans. And their new motto could be, "No Room For You!"

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