Friday, February 11, 2005

Giant Steps Backward

Thanks to the obnoxious behavior of a handful of "Christians" with the self-righteous title Repent America, who gay-baited Philadelphia's "Outfest" event last October and thus ran afoul of Pennsylvania's Hate Crimes law, a bill is being introduced in the PA legislature to remove the protected class "sexual orientation" from the law.

A look at the proposed bill, HB 206, seems to indicate that not only would sexual orientation be removed, but also ancestry, mental or physical disability, and gender. (To read a bill, you need to know that anything in light brackets is being proposed for removal.) The names of the enlightened souls pushing this bit of bigoted time travel can be found at the top of the bill.

Michael Marcavage, one of the arrested and the founder of the group, is evidently quite a character, claiming Catholics who aren't born again will burn in hell, and having accosted a group of Catholics praying to Mary in a public place as "idolators". I suppose the religious freedom and first amendment rights his group claims to have been so violated by PA's hate crimes law only apply to Marcavage's particular brand of religion.

More proud moments for Pennsylvanians to reflect on in their old age.

To paraphrase Frank Zappa, Mother Mary and Joseph, why don't they all go away?

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