Tuesday, February 22, 2005

My First Cat-Blog

I was adopted as a featured blogger by Morgaine over at What She Said. Thanks Morgaine!
This will be a busy day, and I posted a massive piece over at American Street today, so all you get are my kids, the siblings of the storm:

Leo Xmas '02Leo

Lucy Returned  8/02 Lucy

These two came to us in July of 2001 as 3 week old babies, abandoned by their mom's owner. We fed them by bottle round the clock, and had to wean them and teach them to use a litter box (their first one was a disposable 8 by 8 inch cake pan). Leo nearly died while still tiny, unable to keep food down, and Lucy was lost for a month just before her 2nd birthday, coming back to us after we made daily forays into the neighborhood searching desperately for her. We have bonded to them way too much.

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