Wednesday, February 23, 2005

News Via The Island

Bush's whirlwind European tour seems to have had less than spectacular results, though he evidently felt it went swimmingly. And after all, it what he thinks that counts, doesn't it?

Al-Jafaari's poised to take on the role of prime minister of Iraq, and making noises that sound dangerously purge-like:
"In a press conference on Tuesday Mr Jaafari indicated he was likely to take a hard line on the issue, saying current efforts for "de-Ba'athification" in Iraq would continue.
A US official said he hoped that the effort to rid government of Ba'athists would not turn into a witch hunt that might hamper national reconciliation"
If that happens, we're likely to see an intensification of civil war (that's right, let's start calling it was it really is) that could lead to endless excuses for miring US troops in Iraq for years more (IMHO).
Update: It's a cat-fight!

Meanwhile, back in Hollywood, the Right is still obssessing over Clint Eastwood's Million Dollar Baby and its ending, bemoaning how the main character, requesting to be put out of her misery after becoming paralyzed, represents the embracing of death by the left. Poor Clint. This is how liberals are made.

A curious aside, and possible peek into the future for Americans: in England a new credit card with an interest rate of 70% is being targeted at the poor. Why has it taken those entrepreneurial minds at Chase so long to get on board with this? After all, people in America are getting rich so fast under Bush's policies that soon there won't be any undeserving poor left to gouge. Right?

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