Thursday, February 03, 2005

Recap on S. S.--"You Don't Have A Thing To Worry About!"

Here's a link back to a post I did awhile ago as a convenient digest of info on Social Security from a variety of expert sources showing you SS as it really is, compared to how the regime would have you think it to be.

To pull this one off, Bush is counting on his uncanny ability to make his victims love him just because he smiles at them while shoving the knife in. But in spite of all the arguments that have been made about how facts and logic don't have any effect on the public, in this particular issue I think they do. The arithmetic of the nickels and dimes of retirement and savings accounts, and the idea of being left out in the cold if the gamble doesn't pay off are hard, tangible things they can get their heads around. They may even be able to empathize with the situation their kids will be in one day, though God knows that's not the kind of thing we encourage here in the land of thinkfast-thinkshallow.

This is a fair shot, this. If it's played right, it could be the first really irreversible wrong move Rove and Norquist have made.

Update: Over at Hullabaloo, I see digby and I are of one accord on this subject, i.e., that S.S. should remain as it is.

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